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Legal services for companies

For their own personal reasons, there is an ever growing number of companies today that choose to outsource a number of services, particularly those related to the ever more specialized and expensive fields such as legal and compliance.
Throughout the career of Me Monica MITREA and her team, the Firm offers these companies the opportunity to establish a long-term partnership in order to work on trust and transparency. In this context, the Firm becomes sort of the « external legal department » of the company, with full legal support, addressing the most demanding issues regarding company law or contract law to daily hassles, particularly with regard to lease law, labor law or debt enforcement and bankruptcy law.
The Firm strives to provide all of these benefits while at the same time taking into account the structure and the company's type of activity and considering its financial interests. The partnership establishes and intensifies throughout the development of the activity and works itself out naturally to resolve any disputes.