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Practice Areas

Because of the diverse fields of expertise and skills specific to Me Monica MITREA and her team, the Firm is able to offer a wide range of services, including consulting, negotiation, mediation and legal representation.

Construction and administrative law

Strongly established in the areas related to construction law, real estate law, tenancy law and insurance law, the Firm will offer you impeccable support at every step starting from the planning of a construction project (including its development and obtaining the building permit) to its implementation and monitoring (warranty rights).

Real estate and property law, including agricultural land and neighborhood law

The Firm will also offer you effective support ahead of any real estate transaction by providing a detailed legal analysis of the property and the notaries’ deed project.

Finally, the Firm will advise you effectively about real estate transactions of an international nature, particularly in regards to the restrictions on property purchases, and that of similar rights, by foreigners.

Tenancy law

In terms of the tenancy law, the Firm offers you a follow-up adapted to each situation, whether you are a lessor or a tenant. The Firm will thus be present at every stage of the conclusion of a lease contract, from the pre-contractual phase to that of the actual drafting. The Firm will also be able to assist you in the expulsion proceedings, before the conciliation authorities or the tribunals of leases.

Sports law

Furthermore, the Firm has a special interest in issues related to sports. In fact, today, sport is nearly inseparable from legal rules and regulations.

Regardless of if you are a coach or an athlete, a sports club or an association, or even an organizer of sports events, the Firm will help you in an effective manner with respect to all questions related to sport. The Firm’s expertise encompasses all areas that are related to the organizational rules of sports organizations and their disciplinary powers.

Litigation and arbitral proceedings

The Firm will assist you in front of all civil, administrative and criminal courts in the canton of Vaud as well as elsewhere in French-speaking Switzerland.

The Firm is also active in arbitration. Arbitration is a mean of dispute settlement whereby the parties concerned, either before any dispute or after the dispute arises, decide to have recourse to an arbitral tribunal composed of one or more arbitrators chosen by the parties to the dispute, whose task is to issue an arbitral award with the force of res judicata. If necessary, the sentence may be enforced.

Thus, arbitration is an alternative to judicial proceedings, which can sometimes prove to be long, costly and tiresome. It is a voluntary, fast and confidential way of managing conflicts.

The Firm will be able to assist you during international or domestic commercial arbitration, mainly in the fields of construction contracts, international sales, licensing contracts or shareholder contracts.

Arbitration is a judicial mode of dispute settlement which has continued to develop in sports. If in sports disputes of a national nature the situation may still vary, in sports disputes of an international nature, the jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration for Sports is now unanimously recognized. Thus, through the second area of predilection of Me Monica MITREA, the Firm can also assist you in the context of sports disputes.

In addition to the advisory services the Firm offers to its clients with regard to arbitration, Me Monica MITREA may also act as an arbitrator.

International Practice

Thanks to her fields of expertise, and her international competence, Me Monica MITREA will defend your interests and advise you in relation to any issue under Swiss or international law and knows how to orientate and guide you thanks to a network of highly qualified individuals in Romanian law.

Furthermore, the Firm gives you access to our recognized expertise in:

  • Administrative law, including public tenders, energy and environmental law
  • Contract law, including sales law, law on contracts for services and mandate, the brokerage law, and license law
  • Private International Law
  • Employment law
  • Commercial law, including banking, capital markets and collective investment schemes law, as well as representation in Switzerland of foreign collective investment schemes
  • Debt enforcement and bankruptcy law
  • Private Insurance law
  • Civil law, including family law
  • Law on foreigners
  • Criminal law

With the personal knowledge of Me Monica MITREA, as well as partnerships with highly specialized professionals in other related areas, such as tax, VAT or estate planning, the Firm will also provide you with advice by collaborating with these highly qualified and knowledgeable individuals.